Hi, I’m Kellie!  I’m a Franklin based photographer, wife to an amazing man, and most importantly, Mommy to an incredible 4.5 year old little girl.  My love for photography really grew in the 1st year of my daughter’s life when I was constantly wanting to capture and freeze frame every moment and milestone.  From there, I worked hard to learn and grow as a photographer and have found it to be my true calling and passion.


I put a lot of time into each session and meticulously edit each photo until I’m 100% happy.  Please make sure you really look through my portfolio to make sure that my shooting and editing style matches well with what you are looking for.  If you are unsure about location, clothing, props or any other ideas, I am happy to discuss different options with you and assist you with coming up the most perfect plan that will fit your vision for your shoot!


If you are shy, no worries!  I have a very outgoing personality and I have no problem directing you with posing and ideas.  I absolutely love getting silly and having fun with the little ones to capture happy and natural smiles.  I do travel with some small props and blankets and you are encouraged and welcome to bring any other props you might like to have used in your shoot.  


Thank you so much for considering me as your photographer!  If you were looking for someone that will be just as excited about your shoot as you are, you have found the right person!